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Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing, sales and training of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), robots, and its registered capital is RMB 88 million yuan (RMB), which is specialized in R & D, manufacture, sale and training of robots. The company has a registered capital of RMB yuan. New and Wright, LT-D10, LT-D15 agricultural intelligent spraying unmanned aerial vehicles can be widely used in corn, cotton, rice, wheat, orchards, tea plantations and other crops automatic spraying operations.

Jiangxi new and light technology co Innovation Co., Ltd. has a comprehensive and innovative research and development team, we have a strong dream and a common vision, has been working hard, struggle, struggle constantly! We are a dynamic, young and professional team that provides a steady flow of energy and momentum for the company's vigorous growth! In the R & D personnel covers the UAV control technology, aerodynamics technology, electronic science and technology, software technology, mechanical design, computer, industrial automation and other related professionals, most of the technical staff for compound talents, technology is a strong team. There are R & D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanchang. Our R & D team has deep research cooperation with major universities and research institutes on flight control, airframe design, flight training and so on.

With the progress of science and technology for the application of efficient and accurate spraying agriculture more and more important, and the new Wright has excellent management and R & D team, developed agricultural intelligent spraying UAV efficient and accurate for crop spraying operations. New and Wright cooperate with deep scientific research of major universities and colleges, and make unremitting efforts for the progress of agricultural science and technology!

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Jiangxi provincial governor Liu Qi and vice governor Wu Xiaojun inspected the site of the new and Wright agricultural intelligent UAV


The Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a high evaluation of the new and Wright agricultural intelligent UAVs.


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