Spraying efficiency

Spraying efficiency of 60 mu / h, 40-60 times the manual efficiency, maximum spraying amount of 600 ml / min, spraying efficiency is higher

Automatic plotting area

According to the area and routes, a key take-off, automatic flight spraying, automatic landing, to achieve full flight control, without human intervention

Spray precision

Simulated flight

Agricultural intelligent UAV configuration of high precision ultrasonic radar and advanced flight control precision of radar, millimeter scales, real-time scanning topography, and automatically keep the distance between crops, keep the spray evenly, and make flying safer.

Safe and reliable

Application range

The utility model is suitable for most plant crop protection operations

LT-ground station

Digital man-machine interface, simple operation, easy to understand, real-time display remind quantity, flow, the voltage of the battery in the spraying operation, automatic calculation of spraying area and memory spraying route, the next convenient operation.

Intellectual control is between one screen and the other

The LT- ground station, based on highly customized intelligent systems, is built with high precision GPS to support rapid mapping of irregular farmland boundaries. The use of the ground station, no need to connect the computer, can directly adjust the flight parameters; the ground station with intelligent route planning function, support the spray point switch preset, which can effectively avoid the operation appeared in the process of heavy spray or spray leakage phenomenon. In the process of spraying, users can monitor the flight and spray status in real time through the ground station, so that the spraying is more accurate and efficient.

Product display

Every detail have great originality